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Total Solution

from data acquisition to delivery

Facilitate domain knowledge with AI Technology Process steps

AI-InfraSolutions has the ultimate in-house Total Solution

AI-InfraSolutions aims for a Total Solution, which includes every step of the process from acquisition to delivery. We make sure all required steps seamlessly complement each other. AI-InfraSolutions attaches a great deal of importance to domain knowledge. Our AI Solutions have been designed to facilitate domain experts and safeguard their knowledge. We firmly believe experts’ valuable knowledge should never be lost, but should always be put to good use. We use AI to support the domain experts with making decisions, discovering patterns and predicting trends.

The safe handling of data is incredibly important throughout the entire process. We abide by strict protocols and comply with relevant regulations to ensure data privacy and confidentiality are protected at all times. Owning our own data means we have full control of the data we collect and process. This enables us to satisfy specific needs for Infrastructure Asset Management solutions



Visual of the Process steps

As an independent Dutch company with international ambitions, it’s our aim to make our expertise and solutions available right across the globe. We are very proud of our knowledge of sensors, Mobile Mapping and Artificial Intelligence. This knowledge allows us to collect and analyse high quality data. We are able to make better predictions and work more efficiently as a result of acquiring and analysing data and by subsequently combining this data with public and/or historical data sets. This enables us to continuously innovate and develop exclusive AI Solutions. 

It’s AI-InfraSolutions’ aim to make relevant data openly available and we want to contribute to broader knowledge development. We are absolutely determined to use this comprehensive approach to provide our customers with a total solution. 



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