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Valuable information from data

Our AI approach AI-Technology & Data

AI Technology, the automation of brainpower

AI-InfraSolutions uses AI-Technology to extract valuable information from acquired data. We always do this in combination with human expertise. AI Technology has resulted in the possibility of us realising automated and continuous monitoring of public spaces and subsequently interpreting the data and generating insights using advanced algorithms and techniques. It gives domain experts the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently. AI-Technology supports experts with analysing and understanding the data and anticipating it. We strongly believe in an AI-driven approach in all our activities, whereby acquiring consistent and reliable data is essential for developing efficient AI models.

AI feeds on data. The more good and labelled data AI has at its disposal, the smarter the technology will become. AI-InfraSolutions uses the acquired Mobile Mapping data for this.

Digitale AI of road markings

Our AI approach

AI-InfraSolutions goes through the following steps after acquiring the Mobile Mapping data:

  • Identify the need.
  • Collect data (current | historical | multi-sensor).
  • Prepare training data (label | annotate).
  • Train the AI model.
  • Assess and interpret results.
  • Retrain the model (if necessary).
  • Integration into the customer's business process following evaluation.
  • Prediction based on results.

AI-Technology and Data

  • Machine Learning

    Machine learning is an important part of AI and refers to computer systems’ ability to learn and make improvements. It uses statistical techniques to identify patterns and structures in data and develop models which can be used to make predictions or decisions. ‘Deep learning’ is a subset of machine learning, in which multi-layered neural networks learn from enormous amounts of data.
  • Data Processing

    AI-InfraSolutions has developed a software environment which can fully automatically process a large amount of multi-sensor data. Our software converts the raw acquired mobile mapping data directly into intelligent, ready-to-use data.
  • Data Enrichment

    Data enrichment’s goal is to increase data’s value and usability, leading to improved insights and better predictions.

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