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Infrastructure Asset Management

A great deal of money is invested in managing public spaces every year. Up-to-date, reliable and complete information is needed in order to arrive at a realistic budget and optimal asset management. An object’s location on its own is not enough, because this object’s various different characteristics provide an effective insight into the state of maintenance and together form a Digital Twin of the public space. 

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Road Management

It’s now becoming increasingly impossible, and unsafe, to determine the road quality on site with visual inspections and measurements. These inspections are labour-intensive and the results are often subjective. AI-InfraSolutions offers a new working method. AI-InfraSolutions can offer a complete solution for accelerating processes by bringing together large-scale data acquisition and data enrichment with artificial intelligence.

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Public Domain

Many source holders have taken advantage of the introduction of the LTKR (Large-scale Topographical Key Register) in order to also design their processes around Public Space Management (PSM). This also includes the registration and management of PSM objects in accordance with the PSMIM (Public Space Management Information Model) guidelines.

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Intensive use leads to track degradation. There can be various reasons for this, including wear and tear due to intensive use of the track by trains, weather conditions and aging of materials. Regular inspections will effectively lay the foundation for solid maintenance planning. This, in turn, will allow for the quality of the track to be maintained and result in cost savings through timely maintenance and fewer service interruptions. Up-to-date geo-information is certainly an advantage in this respect.

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Fibreglass | Fibre-to-the-Home

AI-InfraSolutions plays an integral role in the fibre-to-the-X (FTTx) ecosystem. The recording and analysing of data is a central focus point during various fibreglass installation stages. AI-InfraSolutions can offer the FTTx market an effective solution for recording, analysing and classifying the project environment by bringing together large-scale data acquisition and data enrichment with artificial intelligence.

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