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Mission & Vision

AI-InfraSolutions will allow us to become a major global player in the automatic translation of geodata into valuable information and reliable insights for companies and governments. We will develop future-proof AI Solutions together with domain experts, which will continue to complement existing work processes and other data sources. This will ultimately result in better and more accurate maintenance, which, in turn, will lead to less waste (of materials, time and money) and a safer living environment.

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Our self-developed AI algorithms allow us to connect information from various different sensors. This ultimately results in the extraction of valuable insights from this combined data. We can quickly identify changes in public spaces and are constantly working on improving this process.

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Total Solution

AI-InfraSolutions aims for a total solution, which includes every step of the process from acquisition to delivery. We make sure all required steps seamlessly complement each other. AI-InfraSolutions attaches a great deal of importance to domain knowledge. 

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