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Server and data


Automating, connecting and combining data

Organised data Our Total Solution

Use and maintain domain knowledge and information

Our self-developed AI algorithms allow us to connect information from various different sensors. This ultimately results in the extraction of valuable insights from this combined data. We can quickly identify changes in public spaces and are constantly working on improving this process. From Mobile Mapping data acquisition to the delivery of AI-enriched data in our own 3D Geoviewer, or our customers’ environment. We store all data locally.

It’s our aim to use and retain all information and domain knowledge. We can accelerate the domain experts’ work process and decision-making process by partly automating the domain experts’ knowledge, but it also allows us to retain valuable knowledge for the future. 

Visual organising data

Organised Data

We can work quickly and efficiently by acquiring data from the whole of the Netherlands once a year and subsequently analysing everything. This then allows us to make future predictions based on historical data. We have our own exclusive dataset at our disposal, which we carefully collect and enrich.  

We constantly provide peace of mind by keeping this data in order at all times. The data is current, reliable, complete, consistent, traceable, accessible and verifiable. Good timing and very accurate coordination of data is of great importance. We get more value out of data by making optimal use of this with valuable context.


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